image + branding

Visual impact and brand recognition is key in the retail fueling business. This is why we take pride in our experienced in-house design team that specializes in all aspects such as: logo, branding, graphics, signage production, convenience store graphics, custom lube displays, uniforms, promotional items, and interior design among others. Contact us.

solar energy systems

Switching to photovoltaic solar energy can provide your business with renewable power that may replace or complement any grid or diesel generators thereby substantially reducing electricity costs. With a wide range of storage capacity (1-100 Kwp, 3-30 Kwp), our team will create a customized, clean energy solution that fits your business needs. Our mission is to configure the right PV systems that provide reliable sustainable energy, reduces costs and makes a positive impact on the environment. Contact us.

hydrocarbon absorbents

As part of our environmental initiative, we have also included a variety of hydrocarbon absorbents to our product catalog. The main goal is to help our customers minimize the impact that any hydrocarbon spill may cause to the surroundings. Whether the spill takes place in customer areas such as forecourt or lube centers, these products have the capability to absorb and retain any hydrocarbon elements thus reducing any health or environmental risks. Contact us for more information and details.

parts and accessories

From nozzles, couplings, swivels and breakaways we provide a wide range of accessories including dispensing parts, tank truck parts, tank spill containers, valves, flow meters, and pumps. Please contact us to receive our annual catalog with price and details.



Whether it’s outdoor or canopy lighting, we are committed to delivering the highest-performing fixtures at affordable costs. If you are planning on switching from the traditional lighting to LED fixtures, we are here to assist you through the process to make sure your investment gives you the best return possible. Contact us.

And much more!

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With international quality certifications given by the industry’s most important institutions, our manufacturing plants can supply high quality tanks that are manufactured, inspected, and certified to comply with UL, STI, and SwRI standards. We can customize any tank to fit your specific needs. The most popular one, the Plasteel – Elutron, uses an innovative technology combining a primary carbon steel tank jacketed by a secondary fiberglass FRP tank separated by an aluminum vacuum interstice according to UL 1746 and 58 norms. Contact us.

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Designed in response to providing fueling solutions in limited space areas, the Fuel Box system offers a quick and easy fueling solution for construction sites, commercial fleet, boating, aviation companies, and farming among other applications. Size can vary from a 20’ to 40’ HC container and it features a pre-built system that includes storage tank, pump, dispenser and generator altogether. Its versatility and low cost maintenance make the Fuel Box an excellent choice with a much faster return on investment than conventional stations. Contact us.


Complying with the FireGuard license, our manufacturing plant includes a highly-experienced division that specializes in aboveground tanks. Easy to install, impact/projectile resistant, and flame retardant, these tanks guarantee safety under normal or extreme conditions complying to norms UL 142 / 2085. Contact us.

point-of-sale systems

Having the correct equipment and software to automatize your retail station can help you operate your business much more efficiently. Whether your needs are large or small, we offer a wide variety of software and hardware solutions for your point of sale needsContact us.

canopies, signage & modular kiosks

We are proud to partner with our experienced steel structure plant which has a vast experience in miscellaneous sheet metal and steel products. From retail canopies to modular steel structures such as kiosks and C-Stores, our engineering and design team can provide turn-key solutions that fit your needs. Contact us.


The PetroFirst is a fully-integrated design that incorporates tank, piping, pump and canopy all under one module. The underground tank acts as an engineered foundation structure for the canopy columns and it includes a top trough compartment complete with piping, accessories and sump integration. This means less labor, less equipment, easier installation and significant cost reduction. No submersible pumps are required. Contact us.